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5 reasons to increase your proteins and boost fat loss

    If you want to increase the rate of fat loss you are experiencing now, all you need to do is make one dietary change. You just have to increase your protein intake for one of the fastest means of kick-starting your fat loss efforts.

    protein boost fat lossMost people’s diets do not contain much proteins; they tend to consumer more of fats and carbs which only hinder your weight loss progress. Though you may have to spend more time to cook and prepare protein-rich foods, it’s worth the time and effort. In addition to these whole food sources, there are also some quick options like protein powders which can be used.

    So take a look at why you should increase your daily protein intake by at least 15 to 20% of your total diet for the best fat-loss results.

    1. Proteins are helpful at controlling blood glucose levels as they do not break down into glucose in the body, which may in turn send you first on a blood sugar high and then a crash. You tend to crave simple carbs when you are on a blood sugar crash which all works against your fat-loss efforts.
    2. Proteins help induce a faster recovery in between workouts. This is important as protein is necessary for rebuilding and repairing muscle tissues after a hard workout session. You are assured the process takes place very efficiently by taking a mix of amino acids or proteins. You can thus get back to the gym again in time for your next training session.
    3. Protein rich foods are helpful at boosting your metabolic rate as your body requires maximum calories to break down these proteins. You need to burn about 25 calories to digest each 100 calories of protein consumed. In contrast, you burn only two and four calories respectively with fats and carbs.
    4. Proteins are great for calming hunger pangs as they take so long to digest. You thus feel satisfied between meals longer, which in turn reduces the chances of your feeling hungry throughout the day. It is thus easier for you to maintain your reduced-calorie diet and see some weight loss results.
    5. While following a reduced calorie diet, your body tends to burn its energy stores to make up for the caloric difference. This can result in either fat loss or muscle loss. However most of the proteins you eat everyday is used as fuel for your daily activities. It thus prevents lean muscle mass loss wherein you are left with sufficient protein to maintain your lean muscle tissues.

    It is thus important that you include as much protein to your diet as possible, especially if you are developing a diet plan to lose excess body fat. Aim to eat at least one gram per pound of your body weight every day.

    The best protein sources for your consumption include turkey, fish, chicken, lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy products and protein powder. A protein deficiency makes it difficult for you to maintain your strength level throughout the diet plan. You thus end up feeling weaker and in the process, suffer from a slower metabolic rate too.