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The Best alkaline diet food list- foods high in alkalinity

    foods high in alkalinityAs the name suggests, an alkaline diet emphasizes on eating more of alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables. It prohibits the consumption of acidic foods like salt, sugar, meat, grains and processed dairy.

    Too much of acidifying foods only create an acidic ash in the body, which can be eliminated with an alkaline diet. The alkaline foods improve health by reducing acid levels in the blood stream and also prevent degenerative diseases.

    Foods are divided into acidic or alkaline foods based on its effects on your urine pH levels after consumption. While most vegetables are alkalizing foods, most meats are acidic foods. The foods which increase the urine acidity after consumption are called acidic foods while foods which increase the urine alkalinity after consumption are called alkalizing foods.

    However there is no need of feeling constricted on this diet as you can enjoy some of your favourite foods. Not only can you consume vegetables and fruits, but also various spices and beverages. With some creativity and these items, you can try various stir fry recipes or salads you will enjoy eating.

    Acidic foods to be avoided

    String beans, pumpkin, eggs, store-bought juices, brown rice, corn oil, sprouted breads, margarine, honey, sesame seeds, rye bread, plums, kidney beans, fatty dairy products and cold water fish are all low acidic foods.

    Skinless potatoes, cashews, pistachios, coffee, lamb, chicken, wine, prunes, most condiments, pinto beans, navy beans, canned fruits, white rice, lima beans coffee, raw dairy and turkey re all moderately acidic foods.

    Blueberries, white bread, beef, pasta, pork, wheat, cheese, peanuts, beer, walnuts, alcohol, pasta, shellfish, prunes and ice cream are all highly acidic foods.

    The alkaline diet food list:

    • Chicken breast is the only permitted meat protein. However other proteins like vegetable proteins, nuts and seeds are permitted.
    • All fruits and most dried fruits are permitted in an alkaline diet, except for cranberries as they are acidic.
    • Herbs can be used freely. You can thus enjoy your foods with your favourite spices like curry, cinnamon, chilli, pepper, ginger or mustard while on an alkaline diet.
    • You have a large selection of vegetables to choose from including onions, garlic, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, kale, watercress and oriental vegetables like mushrooms and other sea vegetables.
    • You have a large variety of beverages to choose from on an alkaline diet like herbal tea, vegetable juices, green juices, apple cider vinegar, unpasteurized organic milk, mineral water and fruit juices.

    Non-food sources

    There are other non-food sources which can affect the urine pH levels. For example, probiotics found in yogurt help create an acidic environment in the digestive tract. Soft water and distilled water is acidic as they have little or no minerals. However mineral water and hard water are alkalizing in nature. Moreover, antibiotics, mineral supplements, antacids and vitamins all affect the urine pH levels.

    A regular diet of alkaline foods and acidic foods in 80/20 proportion helps regularise your urine pH levels and in the process, help improve your health and prevent many regenerative diseases.