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How an alkaline diet plan strikes the right balance

    Alkaline diets work by handling some chemical reactions which are introduced into the body using the foods we usually eat. It is the food and nutrients we imbibe which control the body enzymes controlling chemical reactions. These enzymes also maintain the body’s normal pH levels and the proper working of the enzymes.

    It is this cycle which takes care of the chemical reactions that take place in the body with foods like fruits and vegetables you ingest. It’s possible to change your urine type by changing your dietary supplements and by eating the right foods like vegetables, legumes, nuts and fresh fruits which reduce the urine’s acidic content. The other dietary changes to make are the elimination of most starches, caffeine, processed foods, sugar and alcohol.

    Importance of alkaline foods

    It is also necessary to include citrus fruits, vinegar and ascorbic vitamins and folic acid to your diet to balance the acid levels and reduce the urine’s acid content. When ingested, acidic foods digest and remain acidic in the stomach. It is the pancreas that works at neutralizing acidity levels by turning foods alkaline using the nutrients in the abdomen as they pass through the intestines.

    You need to make immediate dietary changes if you have ulcers or gastritis. You need to consume alkaline foods which help reduce the acidic levels in your abdomen to prevent the formation of any ulcerous holes or burning of the oesophagus because of excess acid in the system.

    The urine is the best chemical cleanser of the body that neutralizes any dietary changes by flushing out unwanted substances. As the stomach requires some alkaline substances to break down and digest foods, you need to include some alkaline foods in your diet.

    Alkaline foods discourage cancer cells

    Once there is more alkalinity in the blood because of alkaline foods, the cancer producing white blood cells are discouraged from developing. In fact, excess acidity accelerates the development of cancer cells.

    Even excess proteins consumed through meats enter the bloodstream to make it more acidic. You thus need to take more calcium to combat this situation which increases the risks of osteoporosis.

    Calcium tablets reduce acidity on entering your abdominal tract. Chemical reactions which are affected by your calcium intake is taken from the bones and used to convert the acids in your blood to alkaline content.

    You will notice improved results once you follow this diet for some time. People who have followed this diet insist they felt more energetic, lost weight, had fewer aches and pains and had clear, blemish-free skin. Moreover, you can also prevent your body from getting affected by major ailments like cancer if you nourish it with the right foods.

    Seeing how an alkaline diet strikes a balance in the body, it is the perfect diet to follow if there are no medical reasons not to. There are no purchases or preparations of complicated foods involved as all alkaline foods are available in any grocery store. The only difficultly lies in fact that you need to stop eating all that junk and processed foods you have always enjoyed!