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Alkaline diet for weight loss- 6 tips and benefits you have to know

    Alkaline_Diet_tipsExcessive acidic foods lead to an ‘acid ash’ which can be nullified through an alkaline diet. Alkaline diets are not like other diets as it concentrates on the effects food have on the acidity and alkalinity of the body.

    By eating more alkaline foods, the PH of the body is not only adjusted, it also helps with weight loss. Most diets only give short term weight loss benefits, where many people end up gaining the weight back once they are off the diet. Alkaline diets induce slow weight loss through a lifestyle change where the weight is not easily gained back.

    By following an alkaline diet you have renewed energy, feel light and refreshed, get sound sleep, a slimmer body, fair skin and an active mind. These benefits and tips should give you more reason to follow an alkaline diet for weight loss.

    1. An alkaline diet involves the removal of acidifying foods which are high in fat and calories to induce natural and healthy weight loss. These foods include alcohol, fatty foods, red meat, high dairy products like whole milk and cheese, sugar and soda. Once you stop eating them, your body is healthier, less acidic and you start losing weight.
    1. Most people who follow an alkaline diet for weight loss reasons also experience increased energy levels, a resistance to illness and improved health and well-being.
    1. Most people take artificial sweeteners to lose weight thinking they have fewer calories than ordinary sugar. However artificial sugars are more acidic and add toxins to your body. A better option is the moderate use of ordinary table sugar.
    1. Many people also avoid drinking water thinking it makes them bloat. However you need to drink lots of water as it helps wash off unwanted fats and acids from the body. It does not bloat you as it is excreted through your urine. Water is better than coffee, artificial juices with lots of water and acidic in nature and soda. Drinking alkaline water is an even better option.
    1. Keep a big bowl of salad always ready to munch on when you come home hungry. Instead of munching on junk foods, chocolates and instant foods in the fridge, this salad not only makes you feel full and satisfied, it’s healthy. So prepare a big serving of salad and keep it in the fridge to munch on instead of binging on unhealthy and acid rich foods.
    1. Always keep cut vegetables and soaked nuts ready to eat in the fridge. They are a healthier option for you than unhealthy snack and processed foods as they help increase your body alkalinity and reduces your weight.

    If reading these benefits and reasons induce you to start an alkaline diet, it’s better to start the diet by making small changes instead of starting it head-on. Start by reducing the amount of sugar, fat and meat in your diet. Instead, add more fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats like olive oil and almonds to your diet. With time, your tastes change and adapt so that you start enjoying an alkaline diet.