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Top 14 low-fat cooking techniques

    It’s not enough to just have a diet plan set up to follow. Putting the plan into action in a healthy and exciting manner is the next step to make. You can succeed at this if and when you learn how to prepare low-fat and tasty meals.

    You soon grow bored eating the same three well-balanced meals everyday and thus find it difficult following your diet plan. However if you learn the art of adapting a dish so that it helps you reach your weight loss goals and maintain it, you will soon enjoy the foods you eat and see fantastic progress in your weight loss endeavors.

    low fat meal plansHelpful cooking techniques

    With the help of the following cooking changes and methods, you will be able to cook healthy and delicious low-calorie meals and still lose weight.

    1. If you learn to cook using a slow cooker, you just have to put in your food into the cooker before you go to work and you have a meal waiting for you when you return home.

    2. Make your own salad dressings from scratch with quality ingredients and no fillers. This way you will be able to dress your salad just enough to make every bite tasty instead of dousing the healthy greens in oil.

    3. Keep on stirring while cooking while using minimum oil. This helps cut down calories and helps you cook quick meals.

    4. Use more of cottage cheese or Greek yogurt instead of sour cream to reduce fat consumption while boosting your protein intake.

    5. Use more of low-sodium vegetable or chicken broth instead of oil while cooking. Not only does broth add flavor while sautéing food, it also reduces your fat and calorie intake.

    6. Make more of soups as they are lighter than most meals and are full of vegetables. Stews too are great as they have lots of lean protein too.

    7. Eat low-fat cheese instead of regular cheese.

    8. Try cooking with fresh herbs which add lots of flavor to cooking without extra fat or calories.

    9. Eat more of vegetables instead of loading your meals with carbs from rice, pasta or bread. Just dice, puree or serve roasted vegetables on the side.

    10. Try cooking with wine by braising, glazing or adding to sauces as wine adds a rich taste to your cooking with fewer calories than butter or oil.

    11. Use egg whites instead of eggs. There’s not much difference in taste, but you avoid the fat of yolk.

    12. Use ground chicken or turkey and ground chicken instead of ground beef or pork to reduce the fat content in protein-rich meals.

    13. If you love bacon, and can’t avoid it, then opt for turkey bacon as it’s lower in fat than pork belly bacon.

    14. Instead of frying meat, grill it so that the fat drips off instead of getting absorbed back into the meat.

    Better results

    By following these replacement cooking suggestions and using more of low-fat ingredients while choosing recipes for your diet plan, you will have no problem enjoying the food you cook. Moreover, your food is not only tasty but nutritious.

    As you experiment with your favorite dishes and cook them better for you, you find it easy sticking to your diet as you don’t feel you are making lots of sacrifices. In fact, the more creative you are with your cooking, the better you are at following your diet plan!

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