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Why Adding Dairy to Your Diet Can Increase Fat Loss

    Add Dairy to diet planIf you are thinking of starting a weight loss diet, you naturally consider omitting all dairy products from your diet. Like others, you too think that dairy-rich foods hinder the weight loss results when the truth is that it’s the opposite.

    On the contrary, adding dairy products to your diet may not only help with weight loss, but also improves your overall health. Though it’s important that you choose the right foods for the best results, with the right selection, you realize why dairy is an important part of your weight loss prowess.

    1. Dairy foods are highly satisfying as its casein protein digests slowly in the body. You thus feel satisfied for a longer time. Eating foods like Greek yogurt before sleeping even helps support muscle recovery when you sleep.

    2. A rich source of calcium, dairy helps give you stronger bones and facilitates smooth muscle contractions.

    3. As many people love the creaminess and rich taste of dairy, it is satisfying. Thus by eating healthy diary sources, you can easily stick with your diet plan.

    4. Dairy is a rich source of protein. It is important that you get sufficient protein in your diet no matter what. Dairy helps you with this by supplementing the protein you get from dark green leafy vegetables, beans and lean meats.

    5. Dairy is so fast and convenient to consumer. Most of the time, there is no prop work required for it, making dairy a food you just pick up and eat.

    6. Dairy is nutrient-rich; moreover most dairy products today are fortified with vitamin D and contain phosphorus which proves supportive to your bone and dental health.

    7. Dairy is very versatile which means you can have dairy food in various ways. You can have it on its own, create a sauce using it or use it to garnish an entrée or side dish.

    8. Dairy is low sugar food as it only contains the natural sugar lactose. You thus don’t worry about blood glucose level spikes like fruits and other sugary foods.

    9. Dairy can be easily served. You can easily incorporate your dairy choices into your diet and you soon find a variety of consuming dairy which you enjoy.

    10. Dairy helps quicken stomach fat loss. This is proven by the fact that dieters who included low-fat dairy products in their weight-loss plan did lose inches from their waist.

    11. Dairy helps speedup recovery. This is why low-fat dairy products, especially chocolate milk is best after a workout. Its mixture of amino acids and natural sugar helps foster better growth and development.

    So unless you are lactose intolerant, you should make dairy a regular part of your diet plan. The top choices of dairy products to include in your diet should be lower fat dairy versions like cottage cheese, skim milk, cheese and Greek yogurt. However, do avoid ice cream, regular sour cream, whipped cream and high-fat cheese and you will be all set for your weight loss endeavors.

    Just remember to maintain your serving sizes under control so that your calorie intake remains regulated too. This way, you won’t have any problem progressing towards your ideal weight and still eat dairy.

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